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Very fast and professional service.

Stephen Lee


excellent service

Pingan Liu

The ppl who treated my case is professional, not only the treatment, also the other behaviours in my home. Arrived at in time as the appointment, and provided the clear report document.

Loh Marcus

Fast response and timely service. They prioritze and arranged an appointment to meet my schedule. The technician has done a thorough check and eradicated the termites from my timber flooring. Good job done! Highly recommended.

Mederic Kern

They were quick and responsive. Terry was super professional and he got rid of the bed bugs super quickly .He was also very punctual 10/10 recommend

Wing Li

Good & professional service! Highly recommended.

Nicole S
Mohan Boyd

A professional service from start to finish. I couldn't recommend them more. They had the ability to tell me the extent of the problem I was facing (termites), in simple terms and offer my wife and I, a solution tailored to our budget and needs, without overselling products or services that weren't required. 5🌟

Simon Chee
Jensen Quak

Had an issue with roaches infestation problem after tenant move out. Contacted A.W. Pest Control and their respond was swift, managed to get a next day urgent service. 👍 Recommendation of 2 sessions of flushing was spot on and after 2nd sessions, the roach infestation problem was solved. Technician is friendly and knowledgeable, even gives further recommendation for prevention.

Wesley Tan

They are professional and respond quickly to messages. A complimentary same-day site visit was provided to access the suspected infected areas before providing a quotation/recommendation.

Michael Koh

A.W was very responsive and professional to help w my termite situation. Annisha was also quick with the follow ups! Firdaus is very knowledgable, helpful and gave lots of advice on prevention. Highly recommended!

Sharon Lim

Firdaus is professional, patience and helpful. He provides excellent service and finally trace to the root cause of the termites. Hopefully the pest can be totally cleared. Well done Firdaus!

Eddy Tan

Would like to acknowledge the team - Annisha, Firdaus and Ramzi. They handled from appointment to completion with timely update and professionally. Firdaus is knowledgeable and explained each step clearly during treatment. Well done team!

Mae Lim

Highly recommended for their excellent customer service, efficiency and effective treatment. Annisha was very professional in explaining the scope of work and price type, and was super quick to help me secure an assessment on site. Thanks to Firdaus expertise, he was able to exhibit his skill through careful and thorough checking. Overall, it was a good customer experience!

Fir is very professional , patience & helpful & provides excellent service in the first visit for pest control .

Stephen Lee

Staff very professional. Responded to my request within 2hrs. Upon inspection, staff explained to me the root cause of the issue. Since it’s not termite infected, he suggested that no treatment is needed. Really appreciate the professional and friendly advice!

Linda Yee

Staff came down on the same day that i enquire and was on time. Checked the whole house to be safe instead of just that area we mentioned. Recommended treatment on the spot as issue still minor. Good job.

Jaya Panwar

Hopefully now we won’t be facing issue again and looking forward to your support, Thank you

Hafeez is the manager assigned to the project of terminating the termites in my house. He is able to advise the method to be used professionally and he does a weekly house visit until the termites are all terminated. I strongly recommend anyone who has termites issues to approach A.W. pest Control

Jamie Lim

The process of arranging an inspection was seamless and efficient. They were also very responsive to my queries. Hafeez came to inspect the issue I was facing at home. He was very professional and I really appreciate his advice!

Kw Boey

Great service. Friendly and professional. Good price compared to other vendors.

Jacky Chen

I engaged the service from A.W. Pest Control due to ant issue. I have been using ant gels of other brands but it was not effective. With the ant gel from A.W. Pest Control, I managed to get rid of the ants in less than 24 hours. So, it is effective. Will continue to monitor it. The ant technician is knowledgeable as well. He explained various types of pest issues during the on-site visit. Thanks

Kelvin Soo

Mr Hafeez came to my place to do inspection for drywood termites. He is very professional in providing advice and was willing to accommodate certain arrangements of the treatment to ensure the warranty of my carpentry is not void. In addition, he is very knowledgeable about pests and generously gave advice on prevention methods beyond termites. Thank you Mr Hafeez 🙏 Furthermore, the contact person is Ms Annisha and she is timely in her replies. She is professional and understanding, and would even go the extra mile to call to explain and clarify my concerns. Thank you Ms Annisha Definitely recommend their service!

The termite issue reoccurred within 6 months after their treatment and there were no warranty for the treatment. I have engaged another pest company and they resolved the issue within 8 weeks.

Erni keng

After a complimentary termite inspection by Mr Hafeez, subsequently we decided to engage W.A Pest Control for a One Year contract package for quarterly termite inspection (although our apartment is already free from termite and pest). We are determined to make sure our apartment will continue to be free from termite and pest. We value Mr Hafeez's professional advice as he advised us to seal up all the possible entry points. The quotation for the One year contract package is affordable and it is reassuring to have a professional assistance and help by our side.


Very good experience with AW Pest control, they support us n did initial inspection. Very professional n good 20 years of experience in identifying traces left behind by termites n even give extended advice not to incurred additional cost but to wait till reappearance of the termites at same locations before we have to decide in getting AW Pest control support to get rid of the termites. AW Pest technical personnel also have good advice on the treatments method used. We are now continuing monitoring the reappearance of the termites n will definitely engage AW Pest control to help us resolving the issues permanently.

Florence Tan

It was great working with the A.W. Pest Control team. Mr Hafeez is very professional and accommodating. Always assuring and willing to go the extra mile to help me to exterminate the termites in our house. High recommended to engage their services.

Jenifer Low
Anne Pang

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Identifying the early signs of a termite infestation is crucial for taking prompt action.
Look out for the following indicators that may suggest the presence of termites:

Swarms of Flying Termites

During certain seasons, termites swarm and fly in search of new nesting sites. If you notice a sudden influx of winged insects around your property, particularly near light sources, it could be a sign of a termite infestation.

Mud Tubes

Termites build mud tubes as protective tunnels between their nests and food sources. These narrow, mud-colored tubes can be found along walls, foundations, or other surfaces. If you spot mud tubes, it is a strong indication of termite activity.

Wood Damage

Termites feed on wood from the inside out, leaving behind hollowed or damaged wood. If you come across wooden structures that sound hollow when tapped or appear saggy or damaged, it could be a sign of termite infestation.

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Affordable Flat Fee of $199
We understand the importance of budget-friendly solutions. That's why we offer a flat fee of just $199 for spot treatments, ensuring that you receive effective termite control without breaking the bank.
Baiting System Option
For subterranean termites, we provide a specialized baiting system priced at $500++, which includes a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.
Quick Site Inspections
We value your time. When you contact us, we guarantee a thorough site inspection within 2 hours. Our experienced technicians will assess the extent of the termite infestation and provide you with tailored recommendations.
Free Consultation
We believe in transparency and empowering our clients with knowledge. Take advantage of our complimentary consultation, where our experts will address your concerns and guide you through the termite control process.

Cutting-Edge Methods and Technologies

We employ state-of-the-art methods and technologies to tackle termite infestations effectively. Our team of experts stays up to date with the latest advancements in termite control, ensuring that we deliver efficient and long-lasting results.
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Our Pricing Options


Site inspection in 2 hours
Get a free site inspection within the next 2 hours.
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Spot Treatments

Effective control and protection
This comprehensive package targets specific areas of termite infestation, providing effective control and protection for your property.
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Baiting System

For subterranean termites
For subterranean termites, we offer a specialized baiting system priced at $500++. This option includes a one-year warranty, ensuring long-term termite control and peace of mind.
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Our Treatment process

Site Inspection
Tailored Treatment Plan
Effective Termite Control
Follow-Up and Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of a termite infestation?

Common signs include wood damage, hollow-sounding timber, discarded wings, mud tubes, and the presence of termite droppings. Contact us for a professional inspection to confirm the infestation.

How can I schedule a free site inspection?

Booking a free site inspection is simple! Just fill out our online form or call our dedicated hotline, and our friendly team will assist you in arranging a convenient time for our experts to visit your property.

How long does the termite control process take?

The duration of the termite control process depends on the severity of the infestation and the treatment method employed. Our expert technicians will provide you with an estimated timeline during the site inspection.

Do I need to vacate my property during the termite control treatment?

In most cases, there is no need to vacate your property during the termite control treatment. Our technicians will provide you with specific instructions if any temporary evacuation or precautions are necessary.

How often should I schedule termite inspections?

It is recommended to schedule termite inspections at least once a year, even if there are no visible signs of infestation. Early detection is key to preventing extensive termite damage.

Can I prevent termite infestations on my own?

While there are some preventive measures you can take, such as minimizing wood-to-soil contact and maintaining proper ventilation, professional termite control is essential for effective eradication and long-term protection.

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